Concrete Repair Spurs / Godfather Posts

Concrete repair spurs or commonly known as godfather posts are used to repair broken or rotten posts.

They work by bridging the broken section of the post.

A new hole is dug in front of the existing post approx 600mm (2ft) deep. 

 The repair spur/ godfather is then placed in the new hole and either bolted through the old post or fixed with coach screws and washers.

 The repair spur / godfather is then set in concrete or fast setting postfix.

The result is a long lasting fix which is also suitable for fixing new fence posts to in the future.

The most popular size of concrete godfather repair spur usually used is  1.2m (4ft) as this gives 600mm (2ft) in the ground and 600mm(2ft) up the posts.


Godfather posts fixed to existing fencing
Concrete repair spur/ Godfather post

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